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My name is Oren Eini
Founder of Hibernating Rhinos LTD and RavenDB.
You can reach me by phone or email:


+972 52-548-6969

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Dalibor Carapic

Please don't take this the wrong way but if I want to follow your company blog I would follow your company blog.

Ayende Rahien

Dalibor, I apologize, would you care for a refund for your money?

Dalibor Carapic

Sigh ... I was afraid I would be misunderstood. It was meant as a constructive comment. Ofcourse its your blog and I have a choice to follow it or not.


It is a little frustrating to see a link to a blog post on Twitter and click on it only to be directed to click on another link for details. Why not just tweet the real link instead?

Ayende Rahien

Bryan, I am not twitting this manually, the blog is twitting this automatically.

Bryan Johns

I figured as much, which is why I hadn't said anything until I saw Dalibors comment. Maybe reconfigure whatever blog engine is doing the automatic tweeting to link company blog posts directly to the company blog instead of bringing everyone to a stub post here? Just a suggestion for a way to improve the user experience.

Ferret Chere

+1. Sure it's your blog, and it's no big deal, but I second Dalibor's constructive criticism.

Wyatt Barnett

Honestly the cross posting makes a bit more sense -- ayende certainly has many more regular readers than the company blog, why not cross pollinate a bit, especially considering most of Ayende's readers are his target market.

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