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MS Healthcare Silverlight app (http://pjd.mscui.net/default.htm) has that nicely done, with compat/expanded data view. Control for changing view mode was inspiration for similar concept I'm using in my app, take a look at it. New raven studio UI is really great, hope you solved caching issues also.

Yngve Nilsen

Is the silverlight Admin UI open source? It would be fun to take on a HTML5/Javascript version of it :p

Ayende Rahien

Yngve, Yes, it is. You can look at it here: https://github.com/ayende/ravendb/tree/master/Raven.Studio

Pavlo Glazkov

Great. Only one small suggestion. No need to hide the slider under that tiny button. You can put it directly into the header, there is plenty of space there. It will be more discoverable and will eliminate one click.


Did ye find a WPF GUI expert to do this work? I remember a few weeks ago you posted something about looking for experienced WPF GUI experts. I think there is skills shortage in people who can create a wonderful GUI experiences for non-web based apps.

Ayende Rahien

Joe, We got hold of Samuel Jack (http://blog.functionalfun.net/) to do the fanciest stuff. He has been doing great work

Eric Smith

FYI: When you navigate pages, it loses the size setting that you specified.

Also, when I'm logged into your blog, should I have to do captcha still to submit a comment?

Ayende Rahien

Eric, We will fix the bug. For the very first time, you should get a captcha, yes.

Gerard Brightman

Great post Ayende. I'm quite new on programming and I can't perfectly understand querying an index over our class discussion. Thank God you share those screen shots. Such a great help.

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