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Full Throttle at TekPub

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Rob Conery pinged me a few weeks back, wanting to do another TekPub episode. So I show up, very early in the morning, and he starts throwing curve balls at me:

The website is down and we aren’t accepting orders, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW!

And that was in the first minute or so!

Wait a minute! I thought we were doing a show about…

Oh, this is the Full Throttle episode…

Basically, Rob is just piling requirements and I am trying to play catch up. It is just over an hour, but I think it should be interesting to watch.  I really liked Rob’s post about the show. But you can also skip this and go directly to the actual show.



If the recording has a level similar to the latest presentation of RavenDB, in terms of density, it's totally worth of the price.


I was disappointed :( I didn't see anything special, just usual code.

I read about your attitude to testing and hoped to see any tests here. But unfortunately there wasn't any.

Harry Steinhilber

@Alexander, Keep in mind that this was a triage situation. A basic "get it up and running, I don't care how" scenario. Once that is done, you can take the time to go back and write a tested solution.

Harry Steinhilber

@Ayende, Great video and well worth the money. I have to say I'm amazed at the speed with which you use Resharper. I actually had to rewind and watch very carefully when you fixed the MVC controller to return JSON on a GET request. I would have missed it entirely if it hadn't been for Rob's screen captions indicating that you had to do something to get it to work.

Remco Ros

Thanks Ayende, well worth the $12.

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